Promotional products not only reinforce your brand – they tell your story. While we will put your logo and message on anything, we take it a step further by crafting and manufacturing many custom products for our Customers . If you have an idea, we will work to bring it to life. Sometimes it is about finding the right product to wow your customers, and other times  it’s selecting the best value for your return on investment. Whichever route it is, our talented project managers will work with you to create results 

And don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from clients we’ve worked with:

“We have worked with Wilson Marketing Group on projects including promotional materials, trade show graphics and print collateral for over a decade.  No matter the challenges of turn-around time or last minute changes, Wilson Marketing Group has always risen to the occasion,” - Scott P., Northern Lights.

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When our customer reached out to us looking for a custom award to celebrate sales milestones, we got right to work.  After showcasing concepts and creative discussions, we came up with the pie piece award. All sales executives start with the white base. Each milestone achieved earns a pie piece. The base, and the pieces are made of solid stone -  feeling and looking like a trophy. This special award cultivated healthy competition, and helped motivate sales staff to reach new marks! 


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