Common Sense Sustainability

Wilson Marketing Group cares about our planet and the people living on it. We take a common sense approach to provide purposeful solutions. Carefully selecting environmentally friendly products from Tier 1 suppliers, we present these ideas to our customers to empower them to make socially responsible decisions in their communications and marketing. 

Here are some common sense examples of our stewardship efforts...


Minimize waste

Overruns and extra quantities from customer orders get donated to schools and youth programs.

Boxes get repurposed when transporting goods throughout our supply chain. Customers often receive apparel orders in repurposed boxes.

During product selection with customers we encourage reusable and recyclable options over landfill stuffers.


Carbon Footprint

Sourcing and manufacturing decisions depend first on product destination.

Our fulfillment centers operate using best practices for energy efficiency, and ship via best methods for cost efficiency and accurate delivery. 


Wilson Marketing Group prides itself on doing the right thing. We work to produce only necessary quantities for a given project or program. We do this on our customer side as well as managing our supply chain. We’ve learned people care. Customer requests for unnecessary inventory have been reduced, and suppliers participate in continuous improvement programs.


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